Friday Night Air Rifle is Cancelled Until Further Notice. 
Apologies for the Inconvenience.


Join Friday evenings from 5:30 to 7:30pm for a family-oriented atmosphere at our outdoor field target air rifle range.

Shooting together alongside with family members is a great way to share

in the enjoyment of shooting sports be-tween parents/children and friends.

Junior and adult shooters: ages 10 to senior. We provide everything. pellets, targets, safety equipment, and our PCP air rifle platform which is recognized by the Inter-national Shooting Sport Federation as sporter class competition rifles

WHAT: An outdoor air-rifle range with various paper/mechanical steel targets placed 10m - 20m from the firing line. Range is geared towards junior shooters 10 years old and up. Shooters will learn how to steady and take aim, practice core strength stability and breath control, learn

proper body positioning, and learn the concepts of trajectory. Participants shoot for a total of 20 shots (equals 1 round of shooting activity).

WHEN: Friday Evenings (weather permitting), from 5:30 to 7:30pm .

WHERE: Windsor Sportsmen's Club 2401 Dougall, Windsor On

WHY: To provide a platform where young shooters can learn/practice how to shoot safely while having fun. Safety lessons learned here will carry with young shooters into adulthood and help keep the enjoyment of shooting sports safe.

HOW: Participants wait in line until their turn. You are allowed 1 round of shooting activity (20 shots) then you must return and wait in line again if you would like to continue shooting.

RANGE DESCRIPTION 10m Paper Targets Consists of 5 targets on paper. Bench-rest or unsupported positions. Compare targets noticing point of im-pact differences/group size. 10m - 20m Silhouette Knock-down Targets Steel targets with mechanical reset. Sitting, kneeling, prone, or standing positions. Practice engaging core muscles to stabilize one's aim. Practice controlled breathing. Shooters may have to hold aim over and adjust for wind to success-fully engage targets. Several aspects of shooting discipline can be found right here on this “learn while having fun” air rifle range. The Windsor Sportsmen's Club air-rifles are match grade quality affording superb mastering skills that can be achieved via this platform

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